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General FAQ - Contact Form - Posted By Stuart Lawrence (boffolow) on 15th May 09 at 7:52am
First of all get yourself into the Contact Section. This can be done by finding the Contact Box from the administration panel home page and clicking "Modify Contact Page"

The first box is for the URL of your contact page. This will be similar to choosing a URL for your static pages. What you enter here will make its address:

The next couple of fields will be dependant on the template of your contact page. They are all in the text and different outputs you can have on that page. Fill these in like a standard page.

You are now presented with your field options. These fields decide the data that you can get from your submitted messages.

For each field you have the options of:

You can add new fields by clicking "Add another field" and you can delete fields by clicking their respective "Delete".

Do note: Any changes you make to this page (including adding and deleting fields) will not be saved unless you click on "Save Changes".

If you change the input type to "Select Box" or "Radio Buttons" you will be presented with an "Add Options" button. Click this to add Options that users on your site will be able to click either from a drop down box (select box) or choose between by round circle buttons (radio buttons). Simply enter a value into each box. Any boxes left blank will be ignored.

You are then able to enter the confirmation message that users will see on your site when they submit a contact form. If you leave this blank then the default System message will display to any user making an enquiry.

Finally, click "Save Changes".