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General FAQ - Creating a Map - Posted By Stuart Lawrence (boffolow) on 15th May 09 at 8:13am
Now when you enter the map module section it may look a little daunting, but if you follow these instructions you should be creating maps to use on your site in no time.

Whether you have clicked to modify or create a map the following information will still apply.

These maps will be generated by Google Maps based on the information you input.

The map title. This will not be displayed to your users. It is simply a way for you to identify which map it is.

Map Width and Height. This allows you to select exactly how large the map will display as. Webskills will give you recommendations for this on the installation of your system.

Map Zoom. We can't expect you to know how zoomed in or zoomed out your map is based on google, so if you leave it blank we will set the default to a fairly general area. If you wish to try different zoom levels, enter a number from 1-15 (15 being most zoomed in), save changes and have a look at your map.

Markers are points shown on your map. You can add as many of these to one map as you wish. For each marker you can assign it an address and a title. You may also specify a link for the marker to go to if clicked.

For each marker you will have to position it on the map. If you are familiar with its Latitude and Longitude then you can enter those values without too much hassle. But we'll assume that you wouldn't know such figures and would urge you to click on the "Position on Map" button.

The map will currently automatically position you in the middle of Surrey. You have two tools at hand to help you position your marker.

You can zoom in and out of the map using the arrow keys in the top left of the map.

When you are happy with this marker's position click "Use Current Position".

You can then proceed to add as many map markers in the same way as you would like.

When you are finished click "Create Map" or "Save Map".