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FAQ - Portfolios - Posted By Stuart Lawrence (boffolow) on 15th May 09 at 8:39am
A portfolio on the Top Content CMS is a collection of items put into different groups. The items in each specific group will display on their own URL-chosen page.

Create/Modify the Portfolio Group

First of all you will want to create the group that the items will go in.

Go to the Portfolio box and click "Modify Portfolio Groups" or "Create New Group". If you are modifying a group then you will be presented with a list of groups to modify, click the "Modify" link next to the appropriate group to continue.

The page presented will give you a number of input fields for this group:

- The name will be used to display with the group of items on the page.

- The URL will be where the page with this group on can be found. It will proceed your web address like on other CMS pages.

- The group description will display with the group of items.

- Choose the template that the items will be display as.
There MAY be other template files for portfolios other than "Portfolio" but it is recommended that you do not use any other template than "Portfolio" unless you have been instructed to by Webskills.

- For information on Page Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description please see the FAQ - Creating a Page topic.

- If you are modifying a group you will be able to reorder its' Portfolio Items. To do this, click on an items name, keep the mouse button held down and drag it up or down to the desired position.

- Click "Save Changes" to save the group.

Create / Modify Portfolio Items
Once we have created our groups we can now make all the items that go in them. Select "Create a New Portfolio Item" from the top navigation, or from the Portfolio Box on the landing page.

You are presented with a large number of inputs. The values that you must specify are the name and the group. Not all values here will apply to all portfolio templates. Webskills should have informed you as to which fields you need to fill in.

The "Link to" field allows for you to provide a link that that portfolio item may follow if clicked. This could be to a page on this site or another.

Having made sure you have selected a group for this item, click "Save Changes".